Do not forget where you live

After the Easter Sunday attacks which killed more than 300 innocent people in Sri Lanka still there are some searching operations going on, loads of swords and explosive are found inside mosques and Muslim owned properties and we have a question why they need swords, Specially why they are found inside the religious places like mosques. If it is a one sword we can think of the self defence but here it has found more than 40 in some places, so why? Then we could see that a minister for the Muslim affairs came out the public and said they are to be used to clip off the grass in mosques , it is a funny answer from a funny irresponsible minister and people started to think that all the Muslims are like this funny minister, irresponsible.

Then few days later another Muslim joker came out and said that those sword meant to be used to protect their girls, then we had a question, protect from what ? Sri Lanka is a peaceful country and we were thinking that the Muslim community is a well disciplined so why they need swords to protect their girls? May be Muslim mothers used to keep a sword with their daughters because they are not sure about their father or brother or any male member of their family, I think there is a fact that prove above, that is Islamic bombers suicide to get 72 virgins in the heaven so we have doubt that fathers use their daughters as virgins and mothers don’t like it and keep the sword with the girls, but I have never heard that any father being killed by a daughter using sword, may be the girls are enjoying the same. What a pathetic situation in that community, what they trying to show others, but girls are using swords to protect themselves from their own relations. With this theory Muslim father not only get a 72 virgins if he suicide but he gets 72+their virgin daughters, I mean if they have.

Now let’s forget about these jokers and their jokes, let’s say you go to Japan for living then you will live there as a Japanese, and if you go to America you will live as an American. That is correct, where you live you have to obey the public law, you have to respect to the law, you must respect to the other nations, you should not conspiracy to do a bomb blast in that country because you are standing up their land, you take food from them, they do respect you, you use their medication. So you have to pay back, you have to do nothing, just stay peaceful, obey their rules, that is the best way to pay back, violence will give you nothing but only pain.

In Sri Lanka Muslims came for trade long time ago, Buddhist people accept them because they always kind and peaceful, then these Muslims started to grow up rapidly and recently they needed their law, their schools, halal foods , their political leadership helps them to do those and meantime Buddhist politicians were silent because they need Muslim votes. Then here on April 21st 2019 Easter Sunday they started violence, they killed innocent 300 people inside churches and hotels, this includes more than 50 children.

Fighting against violence is a human right, we are not event fighting but we are doing lot more against this violence, we do writing these and educate others too. That is why I need to say, wherever you go live with love and peace, keep your pride about your religion and race inside your heart, you measured to be a good person not from your religion or nation but the way you behave and that means a lot.


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